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Call for Multiple Choice Questions

Submit an AP Computer Science A multiple choice question and win a $25 gift card!

Submission deadline: March 27th

The University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering department, in partnership with Microsoft, is working to build a collection of free multiple choice questions to help students practice for the AP Computer Science A exam.

We're asking students and teachers to submit original multiple choice questions to be included in our database and we are offering a $25 Amazon gift card for questions that we decide to include (limit of $50 per person).

Our initial goal is to build a collection of about 100 multiple choice questions. These questions will be made freely available to teachers.

How it works

  1. You submit up to 4 original AP-style multiple choice questions.
  2. We review all submitted questions and select around 100 to be included in our collection.
  3. You receive a $25 gift certificate for each of your questions that we select, with a maximum of $50 total per participant.
  4. After the questions have been selected, the collection will be published to teachers as a free resource.

If we gauge that there is significant interest in this project, we may increase our target number of questions.

Interested in participating?

The first step is to sign up for an account on UW’s Practice-it programming website. Then you can log in and start submitting questions!

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